Property Division Attorney

Massachusetts is an equitable property distribution state.

This means that when couples decide to divorce, their marital property is supposed to be equitably and fairly divided. Assets do not have to be split 50-50, but rather each party should get a fair portion of the assets accumulated during marriage.

We will help you come to clear decisions regarding all of the following issues:

  • What will happen to personal property such as cars, jewelry artwork and any other items that were acquired during the marriage?
  • Who will reside in the marital home, will it be sold and what will happen if you are underwater on your mortgage?
  • How will investment accounts and retirement accounts be valued and divided?
  • What will happen to the debt accumulated during the marriage?

Skilled and Experienced Massachusetts Divorce Attorney

At the Law Office of attorney Valerie A. Ross in Reading, Massachusetts, we bring more than 25 years of experience to helping clients navigate property division issues. Attorney Ross is an experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated advocate for her clients. We take a straightforward approach so that you can make educated decisions.

We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your needs and any questions you have about how the division of assets will affect your divorce action. Contact our office or call us at: 781-942-0002.

We have built our practice on a commitment to personal service. When you hire us, you will work directly with Attorney Ross throughout the process. Without a skilled and experienced attorney on your side, a divorce can become a nightmare. Attorney Ross will help you deal with the complicated issues relating to a divorce to avoid any additional stress or worry.