Alimony Lawyer

In 2012 , the Massachusetts legislature passed a law that substantially reformed how alimony is calculated for divorcing couples. Not only is this the first major changes to be made to spousal support in decades, it can now affect your entire divorce complaint and even an existing finalized agreement that is already in place. If you are contemplating divorce, have already filed or think your situation needs to be revisited under this new statute, it is in your best interest to seek out a knowledgeable alimony reform attorney to help advise you of your options.

Divorce and Family Law

For over 25 years, the Law Office of Valerie Ross has provided experienced and dedicated divorce counsel to clients who have all types of divorce and family law issues. We are here to help men and women throughout the Greater Boston area who need detailed divorce counsel, including determining whether alimony or spousal support is appropriate.


The new legislation concerning alimony went into effect on March 1, 2012. Not only does it provide new guidelines and conditions on how to calculate alimony for couples who have filed for divorce after this date, it also allows couples who filed before this date to use these new guidelines.

Moreover, even if your divorce has been finalized for quite some time, under certain conditions you may be able to seek a modification of alimony using the new law and have your alimony support payments recalculated using the guidelines of the new law.

The new alimony reform law touches every aspect of spousal support, including:

  • The duration of how long someone must pay or can receive support
  • The termination date
  • The amount that someone may be entitled to

In fact, in most situations, marriages that last less than 20 years cannot seek lifetime alimony as was previously allowed. The new alimony reform law is extensive, and your divorce arrangement should be handled by someone who understands the legislation thoroughly.

Current Law and Case Decisions

Attorney Valerie Ross stays current with laws and case decisions as they happen. We use this information to help shape strategy, inform clients, and craft settlements and court arguments that represent our clients’ short- and long-term goals.