Is Child Support affected by the payment of College expenses?

The answer to this question is “probably” but it depends on your unique situation. The Child Support Guidelines are intended to apply to all child support orders for children up until the age of 18, with the Court retaining the discretion to order support and or contributions to college costs for children over 18.

Child Support for a Child Over the age of 18

In establishing a child support order for a child over the age of 18, the 2013 Guidelines now require the Court to consider several factors, including the reason for the child’s continued residence with and dependence upon the recipient parent; the child’s academic circumstances; the costs of post-secondary education for the child; the availability of financial aid; and the allocation of those costs, if any, between the parents.

The Court has discretion to order payment of college expenses, but it is not mandatory. If payment of college expenses is ordered, then that contribution will be considered by the Court when they set the amount, if any, of child support. If your child is nearing college age, you need an experienced family law attorney to help guide you through this stage. Call the law office of Valerie A. Ross at 781-942-0002 to schedule your free initial consultation.