Post-Divorce Modification

Massachusetts Divorce Attorney

If your divorce is final, but the circumstances of one of the parties — including parents or children — has changed, you may need to request a modification of the terms of your divorce decree to reflect the new situation. You may need to move for work or you or your ex-spouse may have an illness or injury that affects child support. Your child may have medical or educational needs that necessitate a change in visitation or custody.

At the Law Office of Valerie A. Ross, we have worked closely with families throughout Eastern Massachusetts for more than 25 years, handling all types of requests for modification of an existing court order. We built our practice on a commitment to personal service and attention. When you hire us to handle a divorce modification request, you will always work directly with Attorney Valerie A. Ross.

Child Support Modification Attorney

At our office, we will represent either party in a post-divorce request for the modification of custody and visitation, child support or alimony orders. We handle requests based on a variety of circumstances, including:

  • Change in income of either party
  • Loss of a job or a reduction in pay
  • Change in health status
  • Desire of the child to live with the other parent
  • A request for relocation, whether for employment or to be closer to family
  • Remarriage of either party

Seek Divorce Modification if your Circumstances have Changed

If your circumstances have changed, it is important that you seek modification as quickly as possible, especially if you need to request a reduction in your support payments. The reduction may not be in effect until you file a Complaint for Modification and request a court order reducing the amount of child support.